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We are a fee-only independent investment advisory firm, which means that we do not provide any proprietary products. We recommend investment products to our clients based on the needs of the client and not based on potential commissions to be generated. In our capacity as a fiduciary, we always have your best interest at heart.
About us
To quote Shakespeare, “What’s in a name”? Well, in this case 1858 Wealth Management was chosen because it is the year Delta Tau Delta Fraternity was founded. Joe and Sean are both Delt’s and they met when Joe was working at Merrill Lynch and Sean was still an undergraduate student. They began their partnership in 2001.
What we do
1858 Wealth Management is a comprehensive wealth management company. Fifteen years ago Joe and Sean made the decision to each specialize in one area of the business so they could focus on their strengths. Joe earned his Certified Financial Planning (CFP) designation and dedicated himself to providing Retirement, Education, and Estate Planning. Sean earned a Certified Investment Management Analyst (CIMA) certification and immersed himself in risk based investment planning. Ann brings 20 years of experience in the Financial Industry to 1858 Wealth Management and she is the person in charge of asset movement, asset transfer, and account related questions.
Why 1858 Wealth Management?

Joe, Sean, and Ann have spent their entire lives in Northeast Ohio. We are involved in our communities and have raised our children here (and a few grandchildren as well). What makes us different is that we take the time to get to know our clients. We listen to what they say and encourage them to share intangible thoughts and dreams as part of the planning process. Their success IS our success and we function as one as we navigate volatile world and market events. Our promise is that we will always make decisions and recommendations that are in your best interest and do so with honesty and integrity. If you would like to set up a time to see if we are a fit for your needs, please do not hesitate to give us a call (234-678-5183) and set up a time.

Who we serve
1858 Wealth Management company is dedicated to providing holistic financial planning and investing to families, individuals, and small businesses. Our process begins with understanding the goals, fears, and priorities of our clients and developing a plan that mirrors those ideals. Every client has different wants and needs and there are no two plans that are alike.
Our Process
We have a comprehensive approach to financial planning. Our process begins with establishing the advisor-client relationship, gathering information, determining goals, analyzing and evaluating the information, developing and discussing the plan with the client, implementing the plan, and finally, monitoring and reviewing the plan on an on-going basis.
Our Approach
Our approach at 1858 Wealth Management is simple:

Personalized Service: We are a small firm with big hearts. We go above and beyond to help each and every one of our clients succeed in their personal financial plan.

Holistic Planning: We look to encompass every aspect of our client's life when helping them formulate a plan for their finances. We do not want to provide clients with only bits and pieces of their finances; we want to provide clients with a holistic view.

Disciplined Investing: 1858 Wealth Management focuses on 'Disciplined Investing in an Undisciplined World' to keep all of our clients on track with their plans. Today's world can be a chaotic place where it is easy to act on impulses, but we will attempt to help keep you from making undisciplined choices. Click here to view a power point presentation about Disciplined Investing.

Rebalance & Monitor: 1858 Wealth Management monitors our clients' portfolios and periodically rebalances each back to the clients target portfolio in an attempt to optimize returns given their intended level of risk. To keep costs low, we only rebalance when necessary.

A client's asset allocation may need to be adjusted over time as their goals and risk tolerance change. We also encourage clients to inform us of any current changes in their life, goals, or finances so we can keep their portfolio up-to-date with their needs.

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We focus on Comprehensive Wealth Management.
Sean M Houston

We are proud to sit on the same side of the table as our clients.

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